Nandor Fodor Institute

The Nandor Fodor Institute was founded by the friends and Estate of Nandor Fodor, to honor his principles and works. to further the quest that he began, a quest for truth in the face of the unaccountable is our mission. From Science Fiction, to Science, through the Paranormal realm and the Psychic Sciences we seek facts, mysteries, answers and more questions. Between Science and Spirituality there are many twilight zones, and they are all fascinating!

Dr. Fodor’s journey into the unknown began with the mysteries he grappled with even as a child.  Science Fiction opened the initial doors for the young Nandor:

“When I was a youngster, science fiction was H. G. Wells.” He continues, “I was enraptured by The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Wonderful Visit, Dr. Moreau’s Island, When the Sleeper Awakes, Men Like Gods, In the Year of the Comet, etc.”

The Unaccountable, Dr. Nandor Fodor

(soon to be re-released in the upcoming Celebration Series)

The Nandor Fodor Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science, Fodor’s magnum opus, has been the standard reference for paranormal and psychic phenomena since it’s first publication in 1934.  The NFI is undertaking to re-issue this tome as the keystone for Nandor Fodor Publishing’s Annotated Celebration Series that will include replica’s of the author’s other major works as well as important historical works related to the field. The Celebration Edition Nandor Fodor Encyclopedia is a replica of the 1934 edition, with the addition of the 1966 foreword by  film maker, writer and founder of the Bram Stoker Society,  Leslie Shepard, as well as brand new content from noted author and chairman of Llewellyn Publishing, Carl Llewellyn Weschke ( )  , author, researcher, educator and speaker  Carlos Alvarado (, author, educator, editor, speaker, performer and media expert Loyd Auerbach, as well as family members Andrea Fodor Litkei and Jeff Fodor Greene.

We are also undertaking the complete updating and expansion of the Nandor Fodor Encyclopedia of Psychic Science, along other new publications in the interest of the Quest.

The Institute is headed by Fodor Family Spokesman  Jeff Fodor Greene, a Grammy nominated musician, songwriter, producer whose experience with Science, psychology, psychic Arts and sciences as well as history & literature. Joining Greene at the helm is Helen Sharron ( ), and Dr. Fodor’s daughter, Andrea Fodor Litkei.

2013/2014 will see the NFI ‘s introduction, as we publish these important works, begin our archival work for preservation of investigative and research works and evidence, and begin  to work with other esteemed organizations across the world, From Hauntings and seances, mediums and ceremonies, ufos and Loch Ness monsters, new universes and neurology, mysteries of the wiring of the brain to wiring of the oddest inventions, dreams to fiction we exist in a place  that makes all of this fascinating, Knowledge, Curiosity, the Past, The Future, the Fiction and the Unknown are our Quest.


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